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Industrial Property Valuations

No matter what type of property it is, property is the highest value transaction that an individual or organisation will make in their lifetime. Therefore, it’s important to select the right industrial property valuer.

Unlike some property valuers we have Professional Indemnity Insurance so Valuations TAS can complete property valuations without restriction. We are also members of the Australian Property Institute (API) so before takes on property valuation work, we ensure that they hold the industry recognised qualifications and have vast experience in both industrial property valuations and the geographical area that they value properties in.

Valuations TAS is part of a national firm so we have robust systems in place so we can maintain our high property valuation standards. We pride ourselves on our consistency and complete all industrial property valuation reports to a high standard.

We complete thousands of industrial property valuations every year and have access to the best property information databases. We also have harmonious relationships with businesses and real estate agents so we can speak to them and gather information about recent sales or proposed developments that may not yet appear on property database websites. These local relationships mean that our valuations are more accurate than if we only relied on databases.

We also take the time to evaluate all the factors that influence the value of industrial property including: Tenant tenure; Location; Building structure including its age and condition; Local competitors; Local commercial real estate developments; Future developments.

Getting an accurate property valuation can significantly impact the future business decisions that you make. Industrial properties need to be valued differently to residential property and generally one of three methods will be used. The three methods are: 1. Cost approach. The cost approach is based on the current price of the land, building materials and other construction costs to construct the building. 2. Sales comparison approach. The sales comparison approach is where the property is compared to comparable commercial property in the area. 3. Income capitalisation approach. The income capitalisation approach is effectively where you take the property’s market value and then divide the net operating income by the capitalisation rate.

Our industrial property Valuers are thorough in their approach to property valuation and can prepare industrial valuation reports for an array of purposes including: Pre-purchase or pre-sale advice; Negotiating a property settlement; Estate matters including Probate tax; Taxation purposes such as Stamp duty, Capital gains tax etc.; Rent review/rental determinations; Compulsory acquisition.

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Industry qualifications.

Valuations TAS and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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