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Valuations Tas have the ability to complete litigation property valuations that you can use when dealing with property settlement matters in court.

Legal disputes can often be lengthy and frustrating, and normally happen because someone has passed on, a relationship has ended or a situation (such as a business partnership) has ended. Legal disputes are likely to be challenging and take a lot of time to resolve. These disputes either occur because the two parties cannot agree about the value of the property or because they don’t agree with how the assets – either real estate or business, should be divided.

Whatever the reason for your dispute, a litigation property valuation can help you resolve the matter because you will have all the relevant information to make an informed decision without letting emotion cloud your judgement.

Our previous experience tells us that property settlements and any legal proceeding for that matter can involve significant misunderstandings before, or after the assets have been split. This is why it is helpful to get a property valuation before you sign any agreement. Having all the facts before an agreement is signed reduces the risk that there will be later confrontations. We have heard stories where people did not get a property valuation before they signed an agreement which led to later disagreements and a great deal of hassle.

An independent property valuation means you will have all the information that you need before you sign the agreement and will be more likely to get your desired outcome. As we know from years of experience, it is much easier to choose not to proceed with a contract than to back out of it after you have signed it.

What is a litigation valuation?

A litigation property valuation is a property valuation that is prepared specifically for litigation purposes. Before we finalise the valuation report we will research sales of comparable properties in the market to determine the value of the property. Our property valuers will also arrange a time to go and physically inspect your property so that we have as much information as possible when determining the value.

Valuations Tas will tailor the valuation specifically for your needs and we will format it for litigation purposes which will assist the court in making a judgement on how the property or commercial assets should be split between the parties.

Why choose valuations Tas?

Valuations Tas is an independent valuation company that has operated for 20 years and is not associated with any real estate agents, banks or any other organisations. The effect of this is that any valuation we send to you is finalised with total independence and based on research and what the property is actually worth. Our sole purpose is to deliver the best possible outcome to you and ensure that you receive a fair and accurate property valuation. Our valuations have previously been used in Australian courts such as: Federal Circuit Court of Australia; Federal Court of Australia; Family Court of Australia; NSW Supreme Court; NSW Land and Environment Court; ACT Supreme Court; County Court of Australia; Family Court of Western Australia.

If you’re going through a legal matter and want a property valuation give us a call on (03) 6169 2559.


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