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Separation Property Valuation

Generally speaking, married or de facto couples’ own assets jointly and therefore when they separate or get divorced, they will need to be split. Even if the two parties can agree on how the assets of the relationship should be divided after separation, it is still important to get them valued by a professional property valuer.

A professional property valuation can avoid disputes later on and reduce the likelihood that one party will discover that they didn’t receive their fair share of the value of the property being divided in the property settlement.

A professional separation valuation is also imperative in situations where the two parties cannot agree on the value of the property. In cases where this happens the parties have a few options: Use a property valuer you can both agree on. Hire you own independent property valuer. Let the court appoint a property valuer.

A separation property valuation should be based on the current market value of the property and should always be completed before the property is sold, purchased or another property transfer occurs.

After a couple separates one party may buy the other party out. A fair market valuation for separation purposes also reduces the chances that any buyout or transfer is for too little or too much money. A valuation is also important when two parties separate because if there is a mortgage then if one party is going to keep the property, the lender will want to know that the mortgage repayments will be met. If they can’t be met then it’s entirely possible that the bank would take possession of the property.

Getting the property valued before any decisions are made means that you can make an informed decision about what happens to it without being pressured into a particular decision.

Why choose us for a separation valuation?

Supported by 20 years of valuation knowledge and expertise as well as 15 years minimum valuation experience our Valuers are an authority in their field. From the first time you speak to us you will be talking to an expert who has vast property knowledge and has completed hundreds of valuations similar to yours. They utilise the best property databases and are thorough in their approach.

We are registered with the Australian Property Institute (API) and all of our Valuers are Certified Practising Valuers So they adhere to the organisation’s standards and follow the industry’s best practice standards.

Our Valuers are available to inspect your property within 48 hours of your enquiry and we aim to send a high-quality valuation within 3-5 business days of the inspection.

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